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I am a huge Elvis Fan and have been listening to his music closely since the age of 10. I have an extensive collection of his music and my current favourite Elvis song is called Woman Without Love. The song is from his Today Album released in the early 1970's. I believe in God and have now been a believing Christian for some 10 years. I'm not perfect, I only think I am. My experience using Power Director 12 has been positive. The interface is quite intuitive and easy to understand. I have used Adobe Premier and After Effects in the past and found them heavy going and slow in production. Power Director in comparison is a breeze to use. I am at this present moment in time in a renewed phase of creativeness. This is to me a breath of fresh air as I have felt stifled for sometime. I am not very good at drawing but it is amazing what you can achieve with the right tools. Even poor drawings can be enhanced and made to look quite good. You have the same result when using Power Director in regard to videos. More so with the plugins you can obtain. I really like the NewBlue and Pixian video effects. I have lived on the island of Guernsey all of my life, though I have visited abroad including the good old USA and Elvis' hometown Memphis and his birthplace in Tupelo. I have enjoyed my experience attempting to make videos that entertain and bring people back to watch time and again. My latest attempts have been music videos using just still graphics with animated enhancements using Power Director. It is a better viewing than watching a still of just the album cover. I love song writing and have co-written and recorded many songs with my cousin over the years. We are currently recording a song called You Didn't Care, which we have written. I am looking forward to producing the video for the song when we finally finish it. It is a very slow process when you have to work around the needs of others. We have won a local song writing competition twice in a row, but that was way back younger. It was a worth while experience, appearing on the local ITV Channel News and also being interviewed on BBC Radio Guernsey. The winning titles were Who Am I? and Now You're Gone, both can be viewed on YouTube. I have tried with varying success to copy Elvis' moves, but only Elvis can really do them. I have a few photographs that have been taken over the years where I have managed to get the pose right while dancing but the moves through one pose to the next are not what you would imagine. There is video footage of me in action, taken while I was performing in a local Karaoke Competition a few years back now. the video was shot in very poor lighting conditions. I have attempted to enhance the footage and have managed to bring the house lights up, so to say. It is available to see on YouTube called Who Does He Think He Is! As you have probably managed to workout, I am a man of many trades but alas master of none so the saying goes.
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